Same As it Ever Was…

As part of the work I am undertaking with the Women’s Digital Archaeology Network (DAWN), my colleague and ally Hugh Corley from Historic England submitted a session proposal for the Computer Applications and Quantitive Methods (CAA) international conference earlier this summer. We are pleased to report we have had our CAA 2017 conference session on diversity in digital archaeology approved, so we are now seeking session papers and discussants.

Here’s the abstract below, and if you are interested in discussing a potential paper or contribution, please get in touch with one of us by email (lorna.richardson at or


Same as it ever was….same as it ever was….

This session challenges the CAA community to critically examine its composition and lack of diversity – while the faces may have changed this community remains largely homogenous. Like the rest of archaeology, we fail to represent the communities in which we work. Women are underrepresented, especially at senior level. We welcome papers from under represented groups, individuals and discussants, to consider the consequences of the apparently homogenous community on the questions we ask, the voices we hear, and what we are missing. How does this lack of representation affect what we do in digital archaeology, our research fields, tools, methods, ambitions and our data? Does this lack of diversity lead to things like all-male panels and difficulty in career progression? How can we address these challenges, support the CAA community to diversify in a meaningful way, and how can members of under-represented groups better support each other?

As session organisers we realise that these can be difficult subjects to discuss, and we would like to encourage a safe environment where people can share and listen.


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