Taking Back Control

Enough with the constant drip, drip of hopelessness and political fatigue

A pub conversation on Saturday… why *does* diversity matter in digital archaeology?

I realise it is all I have, all I can control, my involvement in my sector, my actions, my thoughts on paper, my protest, and my white cis opinionated privilege is leverage. I want to change what I have in my power to change, and that means archaeology. And we can all do this, everyone of us involved in the discipline can. We might not be able to change the government’s actions on Brexit, or do anything about what happens on the other side of the Atlantic, but we can change ourselves, our working practises, how we create and sustain archaeology as a public good, an academic benefit and a place to explore our common humanity.

We need to lobby our organisations for strong ethical policies, push hard to diversify our workforce to reflect our communities, crush sexual harrassment, create spaces for disabled people to work in archaeology, understand and support the needs of our trans brothers and sisters, and make these changes happen. We can do this. It isn’t easy, it’s easier not to. But we can control this.


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