CAA Atlanta Diversity Session Needs Your Help!

The CAA International session has been accepted, and the 7 papers have been confirmed, which is wonderful news. We hope that this will offer a number of opportunities to discuss issues of diversity within digital archaeology and heritage in depth. We hope that attendees and participants can go away from the session with practical ideas on how to change a sector dominated by white voices, male voices, and middle class voices, and support the participation and leadership of marginalized, minority and oppressed groups.

Too often, conference sessions serve only to raise awareness of the immediate audience, or eventually become written about as part of a journal paper or collected volume, but produce little to no discernible positive outcomes or any sense of sustainable change. Change is needed, and recognition of this need for change is our first step towards a fair and equal sector. With this in mind we are proposing to create a series of positive actions to which people can align themselves and use as markers with which to support diversity and equality in their work.

We would like the session participants, attendees and others who cannot attend the event but have a stake in the discussions, to help shape this set of actions. These are proposals for practical positive action to support and facilitate greater diversity and seek equality in the work of the CAA and digital archaeology more widely.

We would like people to submit, via email, or through the Women’s Digital Archaeology Network on Facebook, or even to our accounts on Twitter, one or two positive actions on diversity and equality for discussion and possible inclusion in the actions. Once we have collated the submissions, we will take these to the session in Atlanta, and discuss the outcomes and future directions as a collective.

Please help us make some changes that will have lasting value to our sector!


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